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Welcome to Virtual Collaboration

Welcome to Virtual Collaboration

Welcome to Virtual CollaborationWelcome to Virtual Collaboration

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Collaboration made easy

Coworking, coaching, where ever you are.

Solidify and enrich your business relationships with group video chat and audio conferencing with supporting collaboration features for effective meetings. 


Browser to Browser communications

Empower your team with in-browser video and audio conferencing. 100% WebRTC. 

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Business Class Audio and Video Collaboration for the Cost of an Espresso a Day. 


There's much to see here. So, take your time, try our tool, invite a friend, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our Virtual Room and take a moment to drop us a line if you want to learn more of our service.

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MWM Off the Record




The right size for team collaboration, business meetings, tutoring, consulting, and many other uses cases. With room for five video participants or ten audio participants, it provides a wide array of features from interactive white board to screen sharing, live chat, document sharing, presentations, and more.

Audio and video is delivered Peer to Peer between end user devices, and supporting documents are sent to the server to generate a convenient summary that is emailed or securely delivered via Secure Safe to participants at the conclusion of the meeting. This standard solution is ideal for everyday business videoconferencing. 


MWM Off the Record




Larger groups can meet using the Veeting Boardroom feature that hosts up to 10 participants with audio and video so that everyone can be seen and heard. Distributed teams can use this size of virtual meeting room to collaborate on complex projects where the conversation needs to include everyone.

The Boardroom is also ideal for formal meetings such as annual or quarterly reviews and planning sessions. Meetings can be recorded to meet documentation requirements and for later analysis. Integration with traditional telephony means users without internet access may call in using a landline. 

MWM Off the Record

MWM Off the Record

MWM Off the Record


 MWM Room for up to five video participants is now available with additional privacy. The off-the-record option leverages Peer to Peer technology to run secure, “zero knowledge” meetings. This type of Veeting does not rely on a server to pass information from one device to another. Instead, all data shared from audio and video to documents and text is distributed directly between the browsers.

End to end encryption keeps meetings private and secure. Since no records are generated, this type of meeting does not include minutes or a summary for participants.  

The virtue of collaboration

Geographic diversity

Collaboration is a way to capitalize on the individual and group expertise of teams, yet businesses often resort to ineffective methods of collaboration. The right collaboration platform is critical; and the best way to find the right one begins with examining the challenges and needs of your team.

Higher productivity for your teams  compared with traditional document sharing and audio conferences.

Higher engagement with prospects in Sales Calls

Reducing the time developing projects, or qualifying opportunities due to the participation of multiple stakeholders

New channel of communication for customer / service interaction


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